Artist Collabs

Kajja Stiehler

 Passionate about the arts and an avid traveller, I draw my inspirations from my surroundings. Comprising intricate pieces derivative of the land, through the lenses of both psychedelic and realism.

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Ben Dickens

I am filmmaker, photographer and documentarian based in Wellington, New Zealand. Having just completed a Bachelor of Creative Media Production and a Certificate of Proficiency in Contemporary Fashion Design at Massey University, I am working on a feature documentary about Circular Fashion in India and always on the hunt for the next project or idea.

draw my inspiration on how my work can positively affect others into the future.

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Leonie Schulz

Im a creative freelance with a focus on bringing truth too light. My passion for the environment, animals and greater humanity, lead me to my love of traveling.

Learn about new cultures and traditions whilst traveling energises me to create engaging visuals and story’s.

I hope to contribute to making our world a better place, through Education, Journalism and Photography.

Currently working as a freelancing journalist and studying Journalism in Germany.

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Ruby Goodyear

A bubbly, gypsy like spirit. Jumping physically and creatively from place to place, exploring all angles of the world in life and photography. I look to capture stories and expose it with my own energy, photographing life in its rawest forms, spreading important messages through imagery and creating beautiful connections along the way. My inspiration derives from people, circles, the nature and water elements, travel and music.

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