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Mission Statement:

Out of Sight is dedicated to providing sustainable attire with an artistic flair. We aim to raise awareness, educate, and inspire environmental consciousness in our partners and customers.

More about us...

Our objectives are to use sustainable materials and reduce waste in the fashion industry. We want to ensure ethical workplaces, while producing affordable, high quality products, fulfilling your desires.

Everything we do is either a one-off piece or an exclusive series, aiming to complement sustainability with your day to day fashion needs. OOS keeps you looking sharp and contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

Alongside our use of sustainable and ethically sourced materials we aim to work with charities and other like-minded people striving for a better world for all. Our main focuses are on education around and mitigation of climate change, and mental health and wellbeing, especially of young people. If you know of any worthy partners we can support do reach out! Contact us

With all this in mind we have taken a lot of care in the design of our products, but also in how we get them to you! 

Here at Out of Sight we believe in a carbon-neutral world and strive to keep our waste and emissions to a minimum. 

Our clothing line is a specially worked blend of Hemp and Organic Cotton. It allows the clothing to feel like conventional attire but with a conscience. We offer a range of staples including T Shirts, Long sleeves, Polo’s and Hoodies. We plan to extend our range in the near future to reflect our customer engagements and wants. For more info on the Blend

We are very proud of our collaboration with exceptional artists.  Our products provide a platform of expression highlighting their art. See our Artists

We value our artist’s creations, using the finest embroidery to put together a limited-edition collection of between 20-50 pieces, making our attire a canvas for all the world to see. 

We are always looking for talented young artists to collaborate with, so please @us on Insta with your work or an artist you would like to see on our clothing who shares our vision of a just, vibrant and thriving world.

Founder and Director Na’or spent over 14 months researching, learning and engaging with people from across the globe about  sustainable fashion. Whilst in Europe he attended Tex world in Paris, a textile trade fair created to bring all the best fabricators with over 750 companies and organisations in attendance. Here he learnt much more about the industry and found a like-minded company which was interested in creating high quality sustainable blends. After a couple of months of conversation and deliberation Na’or flew to China where he met with his contact from Paris in the factory in Ningbo. This was to ensure that conditions at the factory were to a high standard and to make a more personal connection to where our products are being created. The Ningbo factory holds a gold certificate with World Responsible Accreditation Production also works within the Global Organic Textile Standard and Control Union Certifications.

Out of Sight aims to keep high ethical standards in all practices. Na’or spent 5 days observing, talking to staff and having meals with them, learning more about the processes, difficulties and highlights of creating our Hemp and Organic cotton products. 


To reduce plastic waste we have used scrap material from our manufactory to create unique drawstring bags rather than the commonly used plastic slips. Not only do you get what you ordered but every product you purchase is packed inside a unique multifunctional drawstring bag.

When shipping our products to you we use compostable bags and labelling. They are made from plant material and can be put with your food scapes and in your garden to biodegrade without causing harm! Better for the environment, our oceans and a better tomorrow for all.  

We use “Dirt Bags” made by The Better packing CO 

We are always open to feedback and new ideas on our journey. 

Out of Sight would love to hear from you about our products and methods.  Contact us 

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